Independent School Photo Processing lab

Independent School Photo Processing lab

Sherwood Laboratories
Independent School Photo Processing lab

Always putting the customer first

Since starting out in 1983 Sherwood Laboratories have been well known throughout the industry for their quality and service and for their attention to detail, no matter what size of business the customer has, they are still our customers and deserve the best we can offer..
We offer a range of products designed to keep your customers happy, from traditional sale or return packs to proof plans, groups with name labels and composites, school record sheets and CDs


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Sherwood Labs is a family business and we like to think of our staff as part of the extended family .

We also enjoy being part of the community helping out where we can with assistance and sponsorship of local sporting organisations
The schools photographic industry is rapidly changing and advances in digital technology are sometimes difficult to keep up with especially for the smaller customers, at sherwood we endeavour to keep on the cutting edge while still providing a service for those who prefer to stick to what they know.

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